Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wells Fargo Occupies and Forecloses on a homeowner by simply not accepting their mortgage payment. Sign the Petition at Change dot org to rescind this action.

HSI Trust has a very short article on how Rachel Kendall's home was occupied (my word, not theirs) and foreclosed upon by Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo just didn't accept her mortgage payment and then soon after had foreclosed and sold her home!

Please consider signing the change dot org petition to rescind this Wells Fargo Unfair Foreclosure action. If you don't want to leave your real address or city, I don't blame you, just make one up. However you should probably use your real name and email, I assume that is safe to do?


  1. Get a job and pay your bills! courtesy of the Greatest Generation who lived through a REAL economic depression.

    1. Yes lets be Americans for real, not communists. That didn't work out for anyone. Ask North Koreans if you can.

  2. lol, anonymous responding to their own reply one minute later, talk to yourself much lately?

    The family suffered one spouse having a car accident not of their fault and a medical disability for the other.

    The car accident led to the family temporarily unable to make a mortgage payment. Wells Fargo collected on the PMI (private mortgage insurance), foreclosed on the home and resold it, and along the way, REFUSED to take mortgage payments from this family of four.

    Got a response, goof?


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