Monday, December 26, 2011

This is for the Occupy Women, don't forget that media sexism is alive.

Do you know what would have been bad about a 2008 Hillary Clinton presidency? Hillary Clinton would have fixed the economy and the housing problem and because of that, the fed would not have become the hot topic that it presently is.

Hat tip to Uppity Woman Blog for the youtube video link.

Hat tip to Paul Bedard of U.S. World and News Report for his article on media bias against Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Florida Lee County Police Strip Man Naked, tie, restrain and Pepper Spray him until he dies, nobody charged with a crime.

Florida Lee Country Police Strip Man Naked, tie, restrain and Pepper Spray him until he died, nobody charged with a crime. Wow, this happened 2 and 1/2 years ago and no one was charged.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

OccupyNews adds Twitter Feed.

Occupy News dot net has added a twitter feed since the thousands of daily twitter feeds about the occupy movement are their own form of news.  

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Occupy Minnesota with a wonderful blog post, but the comments are CLOSED!

Ouch, Occupy Minnesota posts a wonderful treatise on "It's a Wonderful Life" and today's society. I got a lot out of it. 

But at the end of the article I saw that "comments were closed" 
and the air kind of came out of the tires for me.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Are Survivalists Terrorists?

There has been a recent internet uproar over what appears to be the government's right to label anyone who keeps more than a weeks worth of food as a possible terrorist threat.

I would suggest that the problem is the government is using only one word to describe as many people as possible, and one word is not enough.

For instance, I would call people who keep more than a weeks worth of food, responsible. I would also call people who keep more than one week's worth of food, survivalists. I might even call them were there to be a food shortage.

Is being responsible, and being a survivalist, grounds for also being called a terrorist?

If the government is keen on coming up with labels for their citizens, the labels should at the very least statistically break down to approximate statistical reality. If the labels don't accurately represent the population at large, it is the government that is behaving suspiciously.

While I don't agree there should be labels, if there are to be labels, there should be positive labels as well. To avoid labeling honorable americans in a positive light seems a bit terroristic to me.

Of course, the government could then argue that once they began coming up with positive labels for "good" americans that some terrorists would purposely behave in a good way so that they would be labeled "good".

I think in this instance the government is blending the term terrorist with the term survivalist and the result is responsible americans are upset, and rightly so.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dem lawmaker blasts ‘Professor Obama’ as arrogant, alienating - The Hill's Congress Blog

I believe that are many many many democrats too afraid to say the truth about Obama. Recently Democratic Congressperson Dennis Cardoza said Obama is arrogant and alienating. Dennis Cardoza IS RETIRING from congress and is not afraid to state his observations.

Cardoza was recently personally rebuffed by Obama when Cardoza suggested smaller monthly payments for MILLIONS of distressed homeowners via a 40 year mortgage plan to help lower payments mortgage. 

Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and Soros have severely damaged the democratic party and it won't heal until they start to go away. It's come out how corrupt Pelosi has been by profiting from a VISA credit card IPO as she let important credit card legislation die in her house of representatives.

Obama accepted donations from FAKED names and addresses from pre-paid credit card during his 2008 campaign?  Is there a connection?
It sure looks like it. Obama IS the one percenter far more than Hillary Clinton, that would explain why alleged bilderberger insider Hillary Clinton was bounced aside by the bilderberger people for Barack Obama.

Remember, this is the same Obama who manipulated media coverage in 2008 by not letting reporters fly on his lavishly buffeted press airplane if they did not write niceties about Obama.

It takes a retiring legislator named Dennis Cardoza championing for distressed homeowners to tell it like it is about Obama. Hillary Clinton was such a stronger candidate in 2008 when it came to main street and meeting with main street, listening to main street and having their support. Those of you younger people who think Obama is your guy have been sadly misled.

Obama loves his kids, and loves his 100 dollar waygu steak from Japan, other than that, distressed homeowners in the tens of millions  are on their own.

I personally believe that Barack Obama is afflicted with Baron Munchausen's disease by proxy. BMDP means Obama MUST receive credit for any help that comes to main street. 

Reducing credit card interest rates for millions of americans who could then afford to PAY DOWN their debts along with reducing mortgage interest rates as well for those with excellent payment histories would mean that PEOPLE THEMSELVES would actually lift themselves out of debt. BMDP Obama has no interest in actually enabling people to pull themselves out of debt unless he can proclaim that he gave out loaner money to people.

Obama only won in 2008 because he and his move on dot org minions CHEATED in the REPUBLICAN LEANING state caucus contests and bought out the media in part with their anonymous pre-paid credit card donations, something that neither McCain nor Clinton would accept.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mexican Drug Wars per day death totals similar to viet nam daily death totals of american soldiers.

It appears that in Mexico drug war related deaths are equal to the daily number of deaths of american soldiers during the Viet Nam War.

Should the U.S. be more concerned about Mexico's drug war than they presently are?

Or is the lesson of the Viet Nam war that we should not get involved?

Or, are we already involved because american citizens are probably consuming a portion of the drugs that lead to deaths?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Consumers lose as GOP moves against nominee for new consumer bureau, further cementing the need for an occupy movement.

Just another in a long, long list of reasons why the occupy movement needs to keep growing and thriving, to counter republican politicians who never met a banker they did not like, to counter republican politicians who never met a banker they would not defend.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kucinich vs Kaptur in Ohio, this is a big mistake by the democrats.

I like Ohio House of Representative democrats Dennis Kucinich and Marcy Kaptur. Kaptur has fought for homeowners and she has fought the banks as well. Kucinich fights for integrity in government. Now both are competing against each other because of redistricting in the 9th district of Ohio.

Kucinich might have been able to switch to district 11, but apparently has chosen to run in District 9. Now if Joe the Plumber, who is running as the republican in district 9, were to win, that would mean two of our more interesting congress people and most likely both occupy supporters, would be out of office.

How strange.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Corporations can pretend to be human, but humans who act humanely can be branded as deadbeats?

So corporations can pretend to be human, but if a human has to caretake for a family member even if it means losing their job, the human is punished for making such a choice.

Corporations get a break by pretending to be human and even getting bailouts, but human's get punished for being human even if all they are asking for is time. 

And people question why the Occupy movement exists?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Adam Carolla's strange, twisted, slightly accurate Anti Occupy Rant, easily debunked.

I feel badly for Adam Carolla because I think he's a genius trapped in a beer guzzlers brain.

Carolla rants about the Occupy movement. Carolla just does not get that the movement is about cheating and dishonesty, not punishing hard work.

I think there are portions of what Carolla says that are spot on accurate. However, what Carolla did that I found incomprehensible was his the implication that his description fit all occupiers like O.J. Simpson's alleged glove.

I would suggest that about 20% of the occupy movement fit portion's of Carolla's description. However, all the dumb arses who agree with Carolla just assume its the whole Occupy Movement that Carolla is describing. Wrong buddy.

Carolla, you are an intelligent dumb arse.

When Carolla says, "Leave my shit alone" at the very end of his diatribe, I have been advocating the same thing. Leave the wealthy alone and focus on saving main street from the CONTINUED EROSION of their wealth because of unfair debt restructuring policies that the 99% must follow. 
The 99% cannot restructure a debt unless they are first placed into credit default by the same wall street laggards who caused the economy to tank while they rewarded themselves with TENS of BILLIONS in YEARLY bonuses.
Justifiable Debt Restructure is the answer. 

But as long as we have people demanding higher taxes on the wealthy and no responsibility towards paying off an existing student loan, (I have advocated severe interest rate reductions on student loans, no payments need to be made when the person is not working, nor can interest rate charges be assessed when the person is not working), and polarizing radio pimps like Carolla on the other side, intelligent solutions will continue to be ignored.

Friday, December 2, 2011

A Banker Speaks with Regret, Chase Bank Executive says most of the blame is on the banks.

More fuel to the fire as to why the Occupy Movement should focus on saving the MILLIONS of home foreclosure victims caused by banking greed, as this Chase Bank executive confession reveals.  

Read the New York Times op ed article here.


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