Monday, November 14, 2011

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  1. Occupy on the App Store

    This is brand new app for one of today's most HOT topics... it covers the Occupy Movement across the globe (interactive map), tracks all the latest news (official news, the media digest on the theme and also some unofficial sources), tracks all the latest Occupy videos from demonstrations and crowds, recent photos, social networks.
    Its like a complete full kit for anyone wanting to follow the Occupy Movement by the minute:

  2. I'm not vouching for the above ad. If anyone decides to download the app please give a review here.

  3. A place to voice your demands, unify on issues, and find the latest news, We are unbiased, politically independent, and unaffiliated with any party. We are the new media, a new form of journalism, and a new platform to share information.
    occupy polls

  4. I don't see where to let you know about something to add, and it's not a blog or yet an RSS feed, but it's . There is an easily installable widget at

  5. You can leave a message here, or if you search "about me", you will find me on this page and can email me.

    I'm not really liking the MSNBC connections nor the Move on dot org connection that I found on your site. These scumbags dictated that Barack Obama would be the democratic nominee in 2008 over Hillary Clinton even though Hillary Clinton had won both the popular vote and the delegate count vote.

    I can't link to any site that has links to Huffington Post, Keith Blabberon (who used to be my hero by the way), Move on dot org,
    Maria Shriver, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Moore, all the idiots that felt the need to interfere in 2008 rather than let the people decide via their vote.

    If you research my blog history I researched and wrote extensively about 2008, in 2008.
    I have about four blogs that capture just some of the rampant fraud that the democratic higher ups perpetrated against their own voters.

    It saddens me to see those who think HIllary Clinton is similar to Barack Obama, the two are farther apart than Obama is to Bush.

  6. And I apologize to spout off in public about your request. I don't feel it proper to put my about me stuff at the top of the page since the movement is bigger than anyone of us and I guess you did not see it.

  7. I support Occupy. Thank you Alessandro for visiting the OccupyMN chat, and sharing your insight and information. Many people who criticize the Occupy movement say that there is no plan, they want to see a list of "demands" or a statement of what Occupy hopes to accomplish. Your insight is valuable, and your opinions are well-informed. Keep calm and carry on. The begining is near, the beginning has begun. In solidarity. Dawn in MN

  8. High Dawn from MN, thank you for your comment, and I sincerely hope you have a happy thanksgiving. Lets keep in touch.


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