Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Occupy Wall Street's Livestream Operators Arrested

It may be too early to assume the arrest of Occupy Wall Street's Livestream Operators was completely political in nature. According to an article in the Monthly Atlantic, there first was a skirmish with the landlord, which was then followed by the police showing up to arrest some of the livestream crew.

I find it unfortunate that such an important nerve center of the occupy movement, the livestream network, did not have a more stable environment from which to do their groundbreaking work. I recall that LiveStream viewers were steadily donating money, which I am guessing was probably going towards equipment purchase and replacement, plus food.

Hopefully this is a temporary set back and everyone can agree that a stable location would be a huge priority for the occupy movement and live stream. This article is all speculation until we hear more details as to whether or not the arrest of some of the livestream crew was politically motivated or not.

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