Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Corporations can pretend to be human, but humans who act humanely can be branded as deadbeats?

So corporations can pretend to be human, but if a human has to caretake for a family member even if it means losing their job, the human is punished for making such a choice.

Corporations get a break by pretending to be human and even getting bailouts, but human's get punished for being human even if all they are asking for is time. 

And people question why the Occupy movement exists?


  1. I think we've got to deal with the reality that corporations have rights as a human under the law currently. We need to make them work better for us. Click here to see how Occupy Xmas is doing that for us --> http://alturl.com/kxnjw

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  2. But the irony, as stated in the relatively brief article, is that people are being punished by these pseudo human corporations for being human themselves.

  3. We definitely all agree on that. However, I think Occupy has done this all wrong. Constitutional Amendment? Pointless. It has the effect of strengthening the corporate shield and thus the hold of the 1% on income.

  4. I would also love to have my occupy blog listed, http://OccupyXmas.net

    We are doing things no one else is in our home state of Alabama. I noticed you don't have many Southern states here anyway!

  5. I've added your blog to the east coast.

    I only had three columns so all of the southern occupy blogs are interspersed based on thirds that run north to south from the west coast, the midwest, and the east coast.

    There are some southern occupy blogs listed under the east coast.

    If there are some occupy blogs with RSS feeds that are not listed, I'm always happy to add them. The more Occupy blogs with RSS feeds that get listed, the harder it is to find the remaining ones.


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