Sunday, December 4, 2011

Adam Carolla's strange, twisted, slightly accurate Anti Occupy Rant, easily debunked.

I feel badly for Adam Carolla because I think he's a genius trapped in a beer guzzlers brain.

Carolla rants about the Occupy movement. Carolla just does not get that the movement is about cheating and dishonesty, not punishing hard work.

I think there are portions of what Carolla says that are spot on accurate. However, what Carolla did that I found incomprehensible was his the implication that his description fit all occupiers like O.J. Simpson's alleged glove.

I would suggest that about 20% of the occupy movement fit portion's of Carolla's description. However, all the dumb arses who agree with Carolla just assume its the whole Occupy Movement that Carolla is describing. Wrong buddy.

Carolla, you are an intelligent dumb arse.

When Carolla says, "Leave my shit alone" at the very end of his diatribe, I have been advocating the same thing. Leave the wealthy alone and focus on saving main street from the CONTINUED EROSION of their wealth because of unfair debt restructuring policies that the 99% must follow. 
The 99% cannot restructure a debt unless they are first placed into credit default by the same wall street laggards who caused the economy to tank while they rewarded themselves with TENS of BILLIONS in YEARLY bonuses.
Justifiable Debt Restructure is the answer. 

But as long as we have people demanding higher taxes on the wealthy and no responsibility towards paying off an existing student loan, (I have advocated severe interest rate reductions on student loans, no payments need to be made when the person is not working, nor can interest rate charges be assessed when the person is not working), and polarizing radio pimps like Carolla on the other side, intelligent solutions will continue to be ignored.

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