Thursday, December 15, 2011

Are Survivalists Terrorists?

There has been a recent internet uproar over what appears to be the government's right to label anyone who keeps more than a weeks worth of food as a possible terrorist threat.

I would suggest that the problem is the government is using only one word to describe as many people as possible, and one word is not enough.

For instance, I would call people who keep more than a weeks worth of food, responsible. I would also call people who keep more than one week's worth of food, survivalists. I might even call them were there to be a food shortage.

Is being responsible, and being a survivalist, grounds for also being called a terrorist?

If the government is keen on coming up with labels for their citizens, the labels should at the very least statistically break down to approximate statistical reality. If the labels don't accurately represent the population at large, it is the government that is behaving suspiciously.

While I don't agree there should be labels, if there are to be labels, there should be positive labels as well. To avoid labeling honorable americans in a positive light seems a bit terroristic to me.

Of course, the government could then argue that once they began coming up with positive labels for "good" americans that some terrorists would purposely behave in a good way so that they would be labeled "good".

I think in this instance the government is blending the term terrorist with the term survivalist and the result is responsible americans are upset, and rightly so.

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