Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When does the Occupy Movement turn into a Modern day Robin Hood Story?

Robin Hood, robbed from the rich, gave back to the good, what was rightfully theirs. On that note, I recommend the following Five Occupy Actions.

Idea number one. 
Distressed Homeowner MUST be given options. Either instantly reduce EVERYBODY'S home mortgage rate to 4% and also offer a credit card interest rate reduction on existing debt for anybody who can pay down their actual debt.

Over a year ago I had advocated distressed homeowners get at least 80-90% of their original down payment back, plus any home equity that may have accrued, (although for most people the home equity aspect may be a moot point). 
Chase bank appears to have started doing something similar. Chase Bank appears to be actually giving distressed homeowners 35,000 dollars to LEAVE their home via a short sale. However, if this one payment fits all approach is Chase Bank's approach, it becomes typical Chase Bank mass indifference and unfairly clumps everybody together.
Idea number two.
Why aren't occupiers shouting down the home foreclosure auctions?

People who are in a distressed homeownership situation are being completely stolen from specifically because they cannot restructure their debts without being defaulted upon. 

Everyday 3,000 to 10,000 homeowners are foreclosed upon in this country. When distressed homeowners notice the occupy movements disinterest in their plight, do you think they will ever want to join the occupy movement after the fact?

Idea number three.
My and highlights the ONE BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH theft by credit protector insurance. When one calculates that credit protector insurance fraud has been going on for 15 years, the total fraud could be as high as 100 billion to 200 billion dollars. Would like to see a grand jury investigate credit protector insurance fraud and refund the 100 billion to 200 billion dollars back to main street.

Idea number four.
How about instantly giving the 99% a way to fight back against the banks by inserting the words DOES NOT into the banking law that states, Justifiable debt restructuring (DOES NOT) require a credit default first.

This one simple change to the debt law would require the banks to hire at least 50,000 people to review tens of millions of justifiable debt restructuring applications. The bottom line is both the jobs and the debt restructuring would take UNDESERVED money out of wall streets hands and keep it on main street.

Idea number five. 
Congressional insider trading MUST END. The recent Sixty Minutes expose' into congressional insider trading was head scratcher. I think most people had just assumed this nonsense had stopped long ago. Nancy Pelosi's sociopathic denial right on camera was an all time stunner for me.
The five ideas listed above either GIVE BACK money and resources to main street, aka the 99%, while also giving main street and the 99% a way to protect their remaining assets, or they stop congress from being openly bribed via stock offerings and IPOs.
Where is Robin Hood and his angry band of protestors when we need them? 
When does the Occupy Movement begin to send re-occupiers out to be modern day robin hoods?

Just asking.

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