Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Media spins 2011 "Black Friday Record Sales" with little insight or investigation.

Besides the fact that Black Friday Weekend Shoppers had significantly more time to shop because many major stores were open around the clock, another factor that NO ONE in the media has mentioned is the percentage of debit card purchases versus credit card purchases.
I would suggest that if debit card purchases continue to increase while credit card purchases continue to decrease, then we can be grateful that people see the error of running up credit card debt. 
It saddens me that no news station wanted to mention what debit card sales were versus credit card sales.

It saddens me that news stations are so superficial, and so afraid that the occupy movement was going to dent Black Friday weekend sales, that all they cared to report about was the total number of money spent in an effort to marginalize and demoralize the occupy movement. Don't believe me?
A google search using the following words...debit card, credit card, "black friday" revealed over 5 million web hits, AND ZERO news hits.
The steps to helping to save america as I see them are, lesser and lesser credit card purchases, more debit card purchases, and an increase in american made products being purchases via debit card.   

Debit Card purchases of american made products are what the media should be pre-occupied with the most, presently, this appears to be the least of their concerns.

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