Wednesday, November 30, 2011

North Dakota's Economic “Miracle”— It's Not Oil by Ellen Brown

Occupy Protestors need to look only as far as North Dakota to see that their cause is just. 

According to Ellen Brown, North Dakota is the only state in the country with their own state bank, and they are the only  state in the country that has had economic success since 2008.

Kentucky Occupy Protestors have already made headway, don't give up Kentucky (click here to see inspiring video), when they protested to have all state investments removed from Chase Bank.

Brown refutes the argument that North Dakota's success is based on their own oil resources with several important pieces of supporting data.

I would suggest that the stability that oil brings to North Dakota's economy could be mirrored in other states by having the U.S. government back state banks in other states and get wall street investing chieftains like Chase Bank completely out of the loop.

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