Monday, October 3, 2011

Occupy websites and RSS feeds.

I would like to suggest that people who set up "Occupy websites" for a specific state or city actually reside within the same same state or city that they are setting up the Occupy website for.

It's not only the ethical thing to do, it's actually a BETTER thing to do for technical reasons that relate to being able to share an RSS feed link of your content with others around the world. If you use wordpress and are at one location setting up dozens and dozens of occupy blog sites all over the country, wordpress won't allow you to do more than one or maybe two RSS feeds.

This means that the multiple blogs you are setting up cannot be auto updated so others can see your newest article without having to keep checking each and every specific website blog link, which can be an incredible waste of time if there is no news to report.

I will caution that RSS feeds makes it easier for ANYBODY to keep track of new content from sites that support RSS feeds.


  1. Thanks Mr. Point, you blog has been added. I am considering combining the EAST Coast and West Coast blog columns so that I can move the Occupy the world column up to the top.


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