Monday, October 3, 2011

Is the Occupy Movement the Tea Party of the Left? Michael Shcherer of Time Magazine thinks so.

Read Michael Scherer's take on Occupy's role as the Tea Party of the Left.

Personally, I think it's too early to define Occupy. Clearly the progressive portion of the democratic party is not happy and is lashing out.  However, I personally feel that progressives are to the democratic party what the neo cons are to the republican party.

They are both too extreme.  

However, I think it is too early to call occupy anything more than dissent with a purpose. The purpose is to stop the status qu gridlock, and that is fine by me. However, within occupy there are factions that actually oppose each other but they are too busy protesting to notice, and that too is fine by me.

I feel there is a defining yet all ecompassing phrase that explains what the driving force is behind so many problems that have been pointed out occupy members. The banks are robbing main street of its wealth because ALL Debt restructuring requires a default first. This is what is DESTROYING the world's economy and robbing main street of it's wealth.

Corporations have the power because the rest of us are too busy working far too many hours trying to pay off debt. Debt restructuring without defaulting would help stop the siphoning of main street's wealth and give main street more time to be more pro active in the world's affairs.


  1. Really, fucking neocons? Get real, open your eyes if you have any. Those pissed off original Tea Party people, the one there before it was co-opted by the right wing terrorist, have much in common with the Occupy movements. All want the people that tanked the economy prosecuted.

  2. The original tea party rarely protested against the banks. They wanted lower taxes. And if you read the article again you will see that I am not committing to any judgement as it is too early.

    However, progressives helped get us further into the foreclosure mess by demanding Barack Obama be nominated over Hillary Clinton back in 2008, even if it took caucus cheating, pre-paid credit cards with fake names, and denying the votes of Michigan and Florida even as Illinois votes counted when they too moved their democratic primary WAY UP as well, to get Obama past Hillary Clinton.

    In my opinion progressives are to the democratic party what the neocons are to the republican party.

    Moderates get the most done because they don't always totally piss off the other political party.

  3. As for what I think about the Tea Party Protestors, I think they correctly saw Barack Obama as kind of a flim flam man who simply wants to dole out all kinds of government money, be it loans or grants, so he can take credit for being super-president and saving america.


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