Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Frozenomics" is all cracked up.

The belief that the world's economy must continue to grow all the time is ridiculous. Growth leads to wars to rebuilding to debt to more strain on the planet's resources.

Economists paint the 2013 / 2014 winter storms, aka frozenomics as being bad for the economy because it forces people to hibernate indoors. Could you imagine if Bears ran the planet and worried about frozenomics? Air raid sirens would go off every hour to wake up  hibernating bears, otherwise the economy would sputter! Wouldn't that be just sheer madness, waking bears up with sirens because hibernation was believed to be bad for the economy!

One way to save the planet is to let people sort of "float" along at times. Winter weather, people can't work. Rather than moan and gasp that frozenomics is wreaking havoc with our happiness, can't we all just agree that not all work is essential all the time.

One mayor actually pleaded for people "not to be stupid" and instead to stay home during the terrible winter storms. The reasoning was sound. The more people that went out, the more that got stuck and clogged the roadways, the more city workers would be endangered trying to find and save those who got stuck. Plus, can't clear the roadways of snow if they are littered with stranded cars.

Restaurants are fearful of losing 75% of their revenue during harsh weather. Isn't it sad that just because wealth already exists that the elite wealth owners that run the planet literally force people to work all the time or risk losing their assets, or even their home?

Is this method really necessary? Lets ask a hibernating bear, but lets wait until they wake up.

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