Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fox News is Stupid, complains about Occupy Protestors not being arrested on federal grounds.

I didn't realize Fox News was this stupid.  I don't watch and haven't watched Cable News ever since the 2008 MSNBC distortion in the Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton democrat nomination race, (MSNBC was so in the tank for Barack Obama I will never forgive them).

But complaining because Occupy protestors were not immediately quashed when they protested on federal grounds?  I guess Fox News wants a Nazi, Police State. Sheesh.

Why, if Mitt Romney were president, he'd quash every rebellion and protest the moment it happened so we all could live in an idyllic, Police state, and Like it! Neo Cons can be so stupid, just as progressive democrats can be unflinching on the left.

Oh the humanity of moderate democrats and moderate republicans being pushed to the sidelines so the insane 30% can hog the spotlight day after day.

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